Derek J. Cooper

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE several studies have assessed delirium post-stroke but conflicting results have been obtained. Also, the natural history and outcome of delirium post-stroke need to be fully elucidated. METHODOLOGY eligible stroke patients were assessed for delirium on admission and for four consecutive weeks using the Confusion Assessment Method(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of severe maternal morbidity is increasing in high-income countries. However, little has been known about the impact on postnatal morbidity, particularly on psychological health outcomes. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between severe maternal morbidity (ie. major obstetric haemorrhage, severe hypertensive(More)
PURPOSE The Docetaxel Epirubicin Adjuvant (DEVA) trial evaluated the efficacy and toxicity of incorporating docetaxel after epirubicin to create a sequential anthracycline-taxane regimen in early breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS After complete tumor excision, postmenopausal women with node-positive early breast cancer were randomly assigned to either(More)
OBJECTIVES In order to examine the reporting quality of urological RCTs, the initial objectives of this study were to evaluate the degree to which RCTs involving urological surgical techniques (as the intervention) published in the years 2000-2003 complied with the CONSORT statement, and to assess trends and patterns of compliance. Following our initial(More)
BACKGROUND Outside pregnancy, arterial pulse wave analysis provides valuable information in hypertension and vascular disease. Studies in pregnancy using this technique show that vascular stiffness is raised in women with established pre-eclampsia. We aimed to establish normal ranges for parameters of pulse wave analysis in normal pregnancy and to compare(More)
Given the expense of radiographic imaging facilities and the reproducibility of urethral pressure measurements with microtransducers, the use of urethral pressure profilometry (UPP) has been gaining widespread popularity for the diagnosis of genuine stress incontinence (GSI). However, the clinical usefulness of the technique has not been adequately(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish, as part of a wider study into specialty choice and job satisfaction, whether the personality profiles of a sample of doctors differed from those of the UK population at large, i.e. their potential patients, and the implications this might have for the doctor/patient consultation process. DESIGN The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(More)
The effectiveness of intensive bedside teaching of techniques of physical examination of the alimentary system to students commencing their clinical training was assessed. All students viewed a videotape demonstrating these techniques and then participated in a morning practice examination session but only half of the class received afternoon bedside(More)
Alcohol and drug abuse are detrimental to general and oral health. Though we know the effects of these harmful habits on oral mucosa, their independent and combined effect on the dental caries experience is unknown and worthy of investigation. We compared 363 "alcohol only" abusers to 300 "alcohol and drug" abusers to test the hypothesis that various(More)
A videotape demonstration of the physical examination of the alimentary system was used, in place of a traditional lecture, in the first week of a teaching programme for half of a group of commencing, clinical students. At the end of the week, these students obtained higher scores than the matched controls in a clinical assessment which utilized an(More)