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A Much-Too-Timid Commonwealth
The key to building public awareness of the Commonwealth lies with governments and politicians. Yet, two years after a report drawing attention to this central finding of a cross-Commonwealth study,Expand
Twenty Commonwealth steps from Singapore to Kampala
Abstract The 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Uganda faces several critical issues—among them, the situations in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The venue is politicallyExpand
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Bush of Ghosts: Life and War in Namibia 1986–90
In the international media the liberation war in Namibia was overshadowed by the long struggle against apartheid in neighbouring South Africa and the civil war in Angola. Under the 1884 Treaty ofExpand
Subhas Chandra Bose in Nazi Germany: Politics, Intelligence and Propaganda 1941–43
These case studies reveal how complex dynamics form when old tensions and new opportunities converge. Part three focuses on securitisation and the evolving security terrain in Africa. For Cyril I.Expand
Commonwealth update
Three years after his coup General Musharraf held a long-promised parliamentary election in Pakistan. Its conduct did not satisfy observers and the country remained suspended from the Commonwealth.Expand
The Commonwealth: Starved of Funds
Book Reviews
At the end of this long and always fascinating book Malcolm Fraser says: ‘Was I always right? Of course not. What did I do wrong? That will be for the reader to judge’ (p. 750). Here is an exhaustiveExpand
Commonwealth update
The prospect of a third war between India and Pakistan, this time involving the use of nuclear weapons, set alarm bells ringing in the world's capitals in the first half of 2002. India rejectedExpand