Derek Ho Lung Chan

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We examined the hypothesis that learning to write Chinese characters influences the brain's reading network for characters. Students from a college Chinese class learned 30 characters in a character-writing condition and 30 characters in a pinyin-writing condition. After learning, functional magnetic resonance imaging collected during passive viewing showed(More)
Adult learners of Chinese learned new characters through writing, visual chunking or reading-only. Following training, ERPs were recorded during character recognition tasks, first shortly after the training and then three months later. We hypothesized that the character training effects would be seen in ERP components associated with word recognition and(More)
To describe the phenotype, associations, and complications of dome-shaped macula (DSM) through the combination of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging and B-scan ultrasonography, when available. This retroprospective cohort study aims to gain further pathophysiological understanding in eyes with DSM. Fifty-eight eyes of 36 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Physical therapy (PT) is often prescribed for patients with rotator cuff tears. The extent to which PT influences strength, range of motion (ROM), and patient-reported outcomes has been studied extensively, but the effect of PT on in vivo joint kinematics is not well understood. PURPOSE To assess the influence of symptomatic rotator cuff(More)
PURPOSE To determine if patients treated with a single-shot femoral nerve block have strength and functional deficits at 9-month follow-up. METHODS Forty-three patients who underwent primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions were randomized to receive either a preoperative single-shot femoral nerve block or local infiltration anesthesia for(More)
PURPOSE To assess comprehensiveness and variability of postoperative physical therapy protocols published online following hip arthroscopy for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and/or labral repair. METHODS Surgeons were identified by the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy "Find a Surgeon" feature in North America (,(More)
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