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This paper reports the results obtai ned with a group of 24 14-year-old students when presented with a set of algebra tasks by the Leeds Modelling System, LMS. These same students were given a comporoble paper-and-penci l test crud detailed interviews some four months later. The latter studies uncovered several kinds of student misunderstandings that LMS(More)
Despite extensive discussion in the literoture about the diagnosis and subsequent remediotion of students' errors, few studies have compared the effects of different styles of error-based remediotion. Swan (1983) found that a conflict approach (pointing out errors made by students and demonstrating their consequences) was more effective than simple(More)
This paper reports a psychological study of human categorization that looked at the procedures used by expert scientists when dealing with puzzling items. Five professional botanists were asked to specify a category from a set of positive and negative instances. The target category in the study was defined by a feature that was unusual, hence situations of(More)
Ontologies are being applied very successfully in supporting information and knowledge exchange between people and organisations. However, for many reasons, different people and organisations will tend to use different ontologies. Therefore, in order to exchange information and knowledge, either everyone must adopt the same ontology — an unlikely scenario —(More)