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Standard alphabetical procedures for organizing lexical information put together words that are spelled alike and scatter words with similar or related meanings haphazardly through the list. Unfortunately, there is no obvious alternative, no other simple way for lexicographers to keep track of what has been done or for readers to find the word they are(More)
Opinions bear a very important place in the life of human beings. Human Beings are always surrounded by opinions, when a decision has to be taken; people always want to know the opinions of others. But as the impact of the web is increasing day by day, Web documents can be seen as a new source of opinions for the people. Large numbers of reviews are(More)
This paper presents the extraction of Complex Predicates (CPs) in Oriya based on shallow morphology and available seed lists of verbs. Generally Oriya language is a free word order language. Free word order languages have relatively unrestricted local word group or phrase structures that make the problem of complex predicates extraction quite challenging.(More)
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