Derek D. N. Smith

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Fire Blight is a destructive disease of apple and pear caused by the enteric bacterial pathogen, Erwinia amylovora. E. amylovora initiates infection by colonizing the stigmata of apple and pear trees, and entering the plants through natural openings. Epiphytic populations of the related enteric bacterium, Pantoea, reduce the incidence of disease through(More)
Pantoea is a member of the Enterobacteriaceae, whose members have been shown to produce novel antibiotics. Here, we report the 4.8-Mb genome sequence of Pantoea ananatis strain BRT175, an epiphytic isolate from strawberries that produces an antibiotic that is effective against the fire blight pathogen, Erwinia amylovora.
Pantoea is a versatile genus of bacteria with both plant- and animal-pathogenic strains, some of which have been suggested to cause human infections. There is, however, limited knowledge on the potential determinants used for host association and pathogenesis in animal systems. In this study, we used the model host Dictyostelium discoideum to show that(More)
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