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The objectives of the present study were to develop an antibody probe to the porcine estrogen-dependent oviductal glycoproteins and to determine, by use of immunogold electron microscopy, whether these glycoproteins become associated with oviductal and uterine oocytes and early embryos. Polyclonal antibody, prepared using the M(r) 75,000-85,000(More)
It has long been realized that, compared to paper-based records, electronic record systems provide many advantages in the healthcare environment, including increased availability, improved legibility, long-term accessibility, (potentially) greater completeness, data encoding, and automated decision support and analysis. In spite of these recognized(More)
The purposes of this study were to determine and evaluate the psychosexual behavior of selected patients whose jaws were immobilized. Data for this pilot study were collected by using a standardized interview protocol with ten patients whose jaws were immobilized. The interview questions were designed to ascertain whether sexual problems existed, the nature(More)
Immunohistochemical studies have indicated that sialylated carbohy drate antigens such as sialvlIn, sialyl-Le", and sialyl-Le" are expressed in a tumor-associated fashion in human colon. Since sialic acid residues are 0-acetylated more extensively in normal colonie epithelium than in colon cancer cells, we examined whether deacetylation of colonie tissues(More)
A study of patients' perceptions regarding the scope of services provided by selected head-and-neck and other health specialists was completed. Data were collected by having 403 patients complete a questionnaire during their first visit to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The findings suggest that the public's knowledge of the scope of services provided(More)