Derek Cocker

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Alkaptonuria (AKU) is a rare inherited disorder of tyrosine metabolism, which leads to an accumulation of homogentisic acid (HGA) and is associated with a progressive arthropathy. Fatal complications are unusual and usually result from cardiac disease or progressive renal impairment; rapidly fatal haematological complications are exceptionally rare and(More)
Lemierre's disease is characterized by sepsis, often with an oropharyngeal source, secondary septic emboli and internal jugular vein thrombosis (Lancet 1:701-3, 1936. Clin Microbiol Rev 20(4):622-59, 2007). Septic emboli affecting many bodily sites have been reported, including the lungs, joints, bones, and brain. The case report describes an unusual case(More)
BACKGROUND A specialist neurological infectious disease service has been run jointly by the departments of infectious disease and neurology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital since 2005. We sought to describe the referral case mix and outcomes of the first six years of referrals to the service. METHODS Retrospective service review. RESULTS Of(More)
While rare, Fahr's disease should be considered as a differential diagnosis for seizures, movement disorders, or cognitive impairment in tropical settings. Classically, bilateral calcification of the basal ganglia is seen on CT. Endemic infections, metabolic, and toxic causes should be excluded. Treatment using Levodopa is often beneficial.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of storing commonly used rapid diagnostic tests above manufacturer-recommended temperature (at 37°C), and the accuracy of delayed reading of oral fluid kits with relevance to HIV self-testing programmes. DESIGN A quality assurance study of OraQuick (OraSure), Determine HIV 1/2™ (Alere) and Uni-Gold™ (Recombigen®). (More)
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