Derek Chiswick

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Legal findings of unfitness to stand trial are returned ten times more frequently in Scotland than in England and Wales. Sixty-five patients in the State Hospital who had been found insane in bar of trial were compared with a control group of 64 offender patients. They showed a significantly greater incidence of homicidal crimes and diagnoses of psychotic(More)
In the criminal-justice system psychiatric evidence may be relevant both before and after conviction. The scope of psychiatric testimony in the criminal courts has been more restricted in Britain than it has been elsewhere. It is generally confined to questions of fitness to plead, responsibility and disposal after conviction. A distinction must be made(More)
Most of the principles that govern the physician patient relationship are altered in the forensic psychiatric situation where the physician's principal obligation is to the referring agent, prosecution, defense, or court. Chiswick, a senior lecturer in forensic psychiatry at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, identifies three issues which may lead to misuse of(More)