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Social IQA: Commonsense Reasoning about Social Interactions
It is established that Social IQa, the first large-scale benchmark for commonsense reasoning about social situations, is challenging for existing question-answering models based on pretrained language models, compared to human performance (>20% gap). Expand
Decoupling Strategy and Generation in Negotiation Dialogues
A modular approach based on coarse dialogue acts (e.g., propose(price=50)) that decouples strategy and generation that can flexibly set the strategy using supervised learning, reinforcement learning, or domain-specific knowledge without degeneracy is proposed. Expand
Action-Based Conversations Dataset: A Corpus for Building More In-Depth Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
The Action-Based Conversations Dataset (ABCD), a fully-labeled dataset with over 10K human-to-human dialogues containing 55 distinct user intents requiring unique sequences of actions constrained by policies to achieve task success, is introduced. Expand