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Running with technology: the pedagogic impact of the large-scale introduction of interactive whiteboards in one secondary school
We investigate the use, learning and teaching implications, problems and potential of the introduction of interactive whiteboard technology into one secondary comprehensive school. Expand
School leadership models: what do we know?
The growth in the importance of school leadership has been accompanied by theory development, with new models emerging and established approaches being redefined and further developed. The purpose ofExpand
School leadership : concepts and evidence
A review of the literature carried out for NCSL by
The evolution of an effective pedagogy for teachers using the interactive whiteboard in mathematics and modern languages: an empirical analysis from the secondary sector
There has been considerable investment in the use of interactive whiteboard technology in schools in the UK. Expand
Bullying in 25 secondary schools: incidence, impact and intervention
This paper outlines an investigation of the incidence and impact of physical, verbal and property-violation bullying in 25 secondary schools within a partnership operating with Keele University. TheExpand
The interactive whiteboard: a literature survey
Interactive whiteboard use and the management of change as the technology is introduced, the learning processes as teachers become more fluent with the hardware and software, and the development of interactivity. Expand
Distributed leadership in action: leading high-performing leadership teams in English schools
Heroic models of leadership based on the role of the principal have been supplemented by an emerging recognition of the value of ‘distributed leadership’. The work of effective senior leadershipExpand
The Interactive Whiteboard as a Force for Pedagogic Change: The Experience of Five Elementary Schools in an English Education Authority
This article details an investigation into the use of interactive whiteboards undertaken in five elementary schools in an English education authority. Evidence was collected by using a questionnaireExpand
The Meaning of Management
This paper summarizes an investigation of perceptions of the roles and responsibilities of middle managers in seven secondary schools. It considers the various interpretations of the term and the wayExpand
School culture, climate and ethos: interchangeable or distinctive concepts?
Abstract The terms school culture, climate and ethos appear to be used interchangeably. Within the context of differing national environments there is, however, a tendency to use climate whenExpand