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Hydrocarbon seepage from the world's continental shelves affects ocean chemistry (Dando and Hovland, 1992) and provides a natural source of petroleum pollution (Landes, 1973; Wilson et al., 1974; Kvenvolden and Harbaugh, 1983). Submarine venting of methane, a greenhouse gas (Watson et al., 1990), may provide a significant and overlooked source of methane in(More)
Absfruct-Laboratory measurements of Ku-band scattering at grazing incidence are presented. This study was motivated by the need to understand the processes which significantly contribute to scattering at grazing incidence. A dual polarized (VV, HH) coherent pulsed Ku-band scatterometer with good temporal resolution (3 ns) was used to obtain Doppler spectra(More)
Abstruct-Laboratory measurements of microwave scattering at grazing incidence from superposed wind and weakly nonlinear (AK<0.024) regular long waves are presented. This study is an extension of previous measurements with wind waves only. A dual polarized (VV, HH) coherent pulsed Ku-band (14 GHz) scatterometer witb temporal resolution of 3 ns was used to(More)
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