Derek C McDowell

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The elimination of selected pharmaceuticals (bezafibrate, clofibric acid, carbamazepine, diclofenac) during drinking water treatment processes was investigated at lab and pilot scale and in real waterworks. No significant removal of pharmaceuticals was observed in batch experiments with sand under natural aerobic and anoxic conditions, thus indicating low(More)
A pilot plant for ozonation and UV-disinfection received effluent from a German municipal sewage treatment plant (STP) to test the removal of pharmaceuticals, iodinated X-ray contrast media (ICM) and musk fragrances from municipal wastewater. In the original STP effluent, 5 antibiotics (0.34-0.63 microgl(-1)), 5 betablockers (0.18-1.7 microgl(-1)), 4(More)
Kinetics and product formation of the anti-epileptic drug carbamazepine (CBZ) were investigated in lab-scale experiments during reactions with ozone and OH radicals. Ozone reacts rapidly with the double bond in CBZ, yielding several ozonation products containing quinazoline-based functional groups. The structures for three new oxidation products were(More)
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