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The Singularity of Literature
Winner of the ESSE (European Society for the Study of English) Book Award for Literature 2006 Literature and the literary have proved singularly resistant to definition. Derek Attridge argues thatExpand
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Acts of Literature
Any books that you read, no matter how you got the sentences that have been read from the books, surely they will give you goodness. But, we will show you one of recommendation of the book that youExpand
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The rhythms of English poetry
PART ONE: Approaches 1 Traditional Approaches 2 Linguistic Approaches PART TWO: Rhythm 3 The Rhythms of English Speech 4 The Four-Beat Rhythm 5 The Five-Beat Rhythm PART THREE: Metre 6 What is aExpand
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Poetic Rhythm: An Introduction
Preface Acknowledgments On using this book 1. The rhythms of poetry: a first approach 2. The rhythms of spoken English 3. Dancing language 4. Stress verse and strong-stress verse: counting the beatsExpand
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Innovation, Literature, Ethics: Relating to the Other
Innovation in cultural practice is both an act and an event where by the other is brought into and comes into being. I call the private aspect of this process creation and the public aspect, by whichExpand
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The rules of English metre: a response to Nigel Fabb
Nigel Fabb’s account of the ‘implicated form’ of metrical verse in ‘The Metres of “Dover Beach” ’ in a recent issue of Language and Literature (2002) offers a fruitful way of thinking about theExpand
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Post-structuralism and the question of history
Introduction: posing the question Geoff Bennington and Robert Young Part I. History, Marxism and the Institution: 1. Demanding history Geoff Bennington 2. Speculations on reading Marx: after readingExpand
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Expecting the Unexpected in Coetzee’s Master of Petersburg and Derrida’s Recent Writings
The author is familiar to me, the book is new. Not just new to me, but newly published, recently written, so that it comes to me without the filter of commentary that so quickly surrounds a work whenExpand
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