Derek A Lubetkin

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Despite current practice there is no evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of intraurethral lidocaine gel as an anesthetic for rigid cystoscopy. To evaluate the usefulness of lidocaine in decreasing pain associated with cystoscopy, we performed a prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blind study comparing lidocaine gel with a water based lubricant. The(More)
Background Various aspects of the environment are correlated with obesity. Most of the previous work in this area centers on the built environment. We sought to better understand the association of the natural environment with obesity. Methods We used the Natural Amenities Scale to characterize the attractiveness of 2,545 US counties based on access to open(More)
OBJECTIVES  Driver's license records in the United States typically contain age, sex, height, weight, and home address. By combining the body mass index (calculated from the reported height and weight) and address information, researchers can explore and quantify the relationships between obesity and specific environmental features surrounding the place of(More)
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