Dereje H. Woldegebreal

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In wireless networks, cooperative transmission is used as a means to combat channel fading. In this system, a source and a relay transmit each others' messages to a common destination using either amplify-and-forward or decode-and-forward strategies; the protocols in cooperative transmission can also broadly be categorized as static and adaptive. The idea(More)
—For block-fading Rayleigh channels, this work considers a network coding approach to cooperative transmission. The network under consideration consists of two sources, S and P, that transmit to a common destination, D. Using half-duplex channels, S and P transmit their packets to D; they also overhear each other's transmission. Then both sources cooperate(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks large number of nodes and limited energy available per node calls for designing efficient transmission protocols. Cooperative transmission is one of the protocols which helps wireless nodes to achieve spatial diversity, which translates into reduction in transmission power or increase in coverage area. Cooperative protocol can be(More)
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