Dereje Ayalew

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OBJECTIVE With support from the GAVI Alliance a fully liquid combined DTwP-HepB-Hib (pentavalent) vaccine in a single dose vial was introduced into Ethiopia's routine immunization services in March 2007. This vaccine was substituted with DTwP in a 10-dose vial. We aimed to estimate the incremental system costs of pentavalent vaccine delivery. METHODS Data(More)
Widespread silicic pyroclastic eruptions of the Oligocene Afro-Arabian flood volcanic province (ignimbrites and airfall tuffs) produced up to 20% of the total flood volcanic stratigraphy (s 6U104 km3). Volumes of individual ignimbrites and tuffs exposed on land range from V150 to s 2000 km3 and eight major units (15^100 m thick) were erupted in 6 2 Myr,(More)
The Injibara Quaternary basanites enclose a variety of xenoliths spanning in composition from peridotite through pyroxenite and gabbro to granite. This study focuses on the pyroxenite, gabbro and granite xenoliths. The pyroxenite xenoliths (enstatite + diopside + olivine ± spinel ± plagioclase ± ilmenite ± paragasite) are diverse, including(More)
Mineral chemistry, major and trace elements and Sr-Nd isotopes are presented for basalts and trachybasalts from the Quaternary alkaline Tepi shield from southwest Ethiopia. The lavas are variably porphyritic with phenocrysts of olivine (Fo67–87), clinopyroxene (Wo45–47En38–40Fs13–16), plagioclase (An57–68) and Ti-magnetite set in a microcrystalline matrix.(More)
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