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d for more than three thousand years, Chinese painting emphasizes "implicit meaning", and painters’ using a minimal number of brush strokes to express their deepest feelings. Landscapes of the most important themes in Chinese painting. Trees are the essential painting objects. This resents a set of novel methods to automatically draw trees in Chinese ink(More)
LEGO is a globally popular toy composed of colorful interlocking plastic bricks that can be assembled in many ways; however, this special feature makes designing a LEGO sculpture particularly challenging. Building a stable sculpture is not easy for a beginner; even an experienced user requires a good deal of time to build one. This paper provides a novel(More)
1. ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel method for achieving smooth vista transitions in panoramic image-based virtual worlds. The proposed method incorporates both epipolar geometry analysis, image flow analysis and image morphing technique to get satisfactory visualization in vista transitions. With the proposed method, the interactivity of panoramic(More)
Origami is a paper art used to create three-dimensional (3D) objects by cutting and folding a single sheet of paper. Origami is labor-intensive and requires a high skill level to generate two-dimensional (2D) objects that pop-up into realistic 3D objects. However, this special feature makes designing an origami architecture procedure challenging. This paper(More)
Motion blur and defocus blur are two common visual effects for rendering realistic camera images. This paper presents a novel clip space culling for stochastic rasterization to render motion and defocus blur effects. Our proposed algorithm reduces the sample coverage using the clip space information in camera lens domain (UV) and time domain (T). First,(More)
Chinese color ink painting is a traditional art form, a non-photorealistic rendering, that is over three thousand years old. Simulating the behavior of Chinese ink is challenging. Various artistic effects of color ink diffusion are analyzed, and a scheme presents how they can be simulated automatically for their computer-generated simulation. The proposed(More)