Der-Lin Chow

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In order to realize many of the potential benefits associated with robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery, the robot must be more than a remote controlled device. Currently using a surgical robot can be challenging, fatiguing, and time consuming. Teaching the robot to actively assist surgical tasks, such as suturing, has the potential to vastly(More)
— A limitation of robotic surgery is deprivation of sensation of contact forces. Gentle interactions with tissue are desired, but at the same time kinematic constraints of the access portal must be obeyed. A new combination of previous algorithms of hybrid force/position control and Natural Admittance Control is described that achieves these objectives.(More)
We present the results of an InP HBT device development process. We have developed a new HBT device fabrication approach that represents a major departure from traditional compound semiconductor manufacturing techniques. The new generation of deep submicron InP-based HBTs presented here uses an ion implanted subcollector and offers significantly improved(More)
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