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Logos are specially designed marks that identify goods, services, and organizations using distinguished characters, graphs, signals, and colors. Identifying logos can facilitate scene understanding, intelligent navigation, and object recognition. Although numerous logo recognition methods have been proposed for printed logos, a few methods have been(More)
Feature extraction is an important issue in graphics retrieval. Local feature based descriptors are currently the predominate method used in image retrieval and object recognition. Inspired by the success of Haar feature and Local Binary Pattern (LBP), a novel feature named structured local binary Haar pattern (SLBHP) is proposed for graphics retrieval in(More)
Access to electronic books, electronic journals, and web portals, which may contain graphics (drawings or diagrams) and images, is now ubiquitous. However, users may have photographs that contain graphics or images and want to access an electronic database to retrieve this information. Hence, an effective photograph retrieval method is needed. Although many(More)
Spot detection is an essential step in 2-DE gel image analysis. The results of protein spot detection may substantially influence subsequent stages of analysis. This study presents a novel method for spot detection with the addition of confidence evaluation for each detected spot. The confidence of a spot provides useful hints for subsequent processing,(More)
Fractal image compression exploits the self-similarity of an image to achieve the purpose of compression. In the standard algorithm, eight Dihedral transformations are applied on domain blocks to increase the codebook size, and therefore, the quality of reconstructed image can be improved. However, such mechanism consumes approximately eight times of the(More)
New computing technologies, media acquisition/storage devices, and multimedia compression standards have increased the amount of digital data generated and stored by computer users. Nowadays, it is easy to access electronic books, electronic journals, and web portals, which contain tremendous graphics (drawings or diagrams) and images (pictures or scenery).(More)
Local feature based approaches have gotten great success in object detection and recognition in recent years. In this paper, a novel local based feature, Structured Local Edge Pattern Moment (SLEPm), is proposed for pedestrian detection in the sliding window framework. SLEPm encodes not only the statistical information but also the structure and spatial(More)