Der-Jiunn Deng

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Recently, IEEE 802 started a task group to investigate and deliver next generation WLAN technologies for the scenarios of dense networks with a large number of stations and access point. The proposal is specified as the IEEE 802.11ax amendment. Due to the significant network capacity increase achieved by 802.11ax, the term high-efficiency WLAN (HEW) is also(More)
The paper considers the connected target coverage (CTC) problem in wireless heterogeneous sensor networks (WHSNs) with multiple sensing units, termed MU-CTC problem. MU-CTC problem can be reduced to a connected set cover problem and further formulated as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem. However, the ILP problem is an NP-complete problem.(More)
As wireless networks have been widely deployed for public mobile services, predicting the location of a mobile user in wireless networks became an interesting and challenging problem. If we can predict the next cell which the mobile users are going to correctly, the performance of wireless applications, such as call admission control, QoS and mobility(More)