Der-Fu Tao

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In distributed computing systems, load balancing is one of the most important factors that affect the system performance. This paper presents a sender-initiated dynamic load balancing policies in a distributed computing system. There are four policies consisted in the proposed Extenics-based Load Balancing Mechanism (ELBM). For the transfer policy, instead(More)
Due to the scarce wireless spectrum, the decision of call admission becomes an important work when a mobile call requests for bandwidth in cellular networks. A prediction system which can predict most information, such as system utilization and CDP and a CAC scheme which uses the prediction information generated by the proposed predicted system are proposed(More)
Video-on-demand (VOD) is one of the hottest and the most potential services of the broadband network applications. In order to offer the video-information service to numerous users nowadays, in this paper, a load balanced PC-Cluster for the VOD server system has been proposed. We adopt Two-Tier model in the systematic architecture, and use the PC-Cluster to(More)
In order to make data exchange speed fast enough for supporting the current communication systems or networks, a high speed switching system with low transmission delay and low data loss is required. Many researchers used statistical time division multiplexing techniques to design the switching system for achieving a higher throughput. In such switching(More)
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