Der-Feng Huang

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The purpose of this paper is to develop a new approach—time–frequency deconvolution filter—to optimally reconstruct the nonstationary (or time-varying) signals that are transmitted through a multipath fading and noisy channel. A deconvolution filter based on ambiguity function (AF) filter bank is proposed to solve this problem via a three-stage filter bank.(More)
This study attempts to develop a time-scale deconvolution filter for optimal signal reconstruction of nonstationary processes with a stationary increment transmitted through a multipath fading and colored noisy channel with stochastic tap coefficients. A deconvolution filter based on wavelet analysis/synthesis filter bank is proposed to solve this problem(More)
In audio signal processing, there are three major sampling rates, 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, and 48 KHz used in the audio signal processing .It is important to employ multirate signal processing techniques to remove imaging and/or aliasing in modern digital signal processing system with different input-output sampling rate. The application of equivalent multistage(More)
According to an academic research, when an enterprise runs longer, their strategies are more prone to gain support by other businesses. Leaning on the durability and the longevity, such enterprises can accumulated their credits and stabilize the business. Consequently, the span variable of the total business-running time or the variable of growth rate and(More)
The frequency sampling method is very simple to design FIR filters with arbitrary frequency response. The generic problem of the FIR filter design via the frequency sampling method is to solve the normal equation accurately. A more explicit form to solve the coefficient matrix of the normal equation is derived in this paper. Both the mathematical derivation(More)
In the traditional design of the M-band maximally decimated filter bank system, the resulting designed synthesis filters may be unstable. Based on the least square criterion and employing the calculus of variation and the spectral factorization techniques, a modified synthesis filter can be obtained. A causal stable synthesis filter bank is proposed to(More)
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