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Given the users from a social network site, who have been tagged with a set of terms, how can we recommend the movies tagged with a completely different set of terms hosted by another website? Given the users from a website dedicated to Type I and Type II diabetes, how can we recommend the discussion threads from another website dedicated to gestational(More)
Many real applications demand accurate cross-domain recommendation, e.g., recommending a Weibo (the largest Chinese Twitter) user with the products in an e-commerce Web site. Since many social media have rich tags on both items or users, <i>tag-based profiling</i> became popular for recommendation. However, most previous recommendation approaches have low(More)
Cross-domain recommendation has attracted wide research interest which generally aims at improving the recommendation performance by alleviating the cold start problem in collaborative filtering based recommendation or generating a more comprehensive user profiles from multiple domains. In most previous cross-domain recommendation settings, explicit or(More)
Who are the most appropriate candidates to receive a call-for-paper or call-for-participation? What session topics should we propose for a conference of next year? To answer these questions, we need to precisely predict research topics of authors. In this paper, we build a MLR (Multiple Logistic Regression) model to predict the topic-following behavior of(More)
Who are the best targets to receive a call-for-paper or call-for-participation? What kind of topics should we propose for a workshop or a special issue of next year? Precisely predicting author's topic following behavior, i.e., publishing papers of a certain research topic in future, is essential to answer these questions. In this paper, we aim to model and(More)
Given the plethora of social networking sites, it can be difficult for users to browse too many sites and discover social friends. For example, for a new diabetes patient, how can s/he find the users with similar symptoms on different dedicated sites and form supporting groups with them? Since different sites may use different vocabularies, this problem is(More)
A preliminary study of the mechanical properties of auxetic cellular material consisting of re-entrant hexagonal honeycombs is presented. For different scales of the honeycombs, the finite element method (FEM) and experimental models are used to perform a parametric analysis on the effects of the Poisson's ratio (cell angle) and the relative density (cell(More)