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Ownership, Foreign Investment and Productivity--A Case Study of the Automotive Industry in China
It is widely believed that the enter of multinational automakers and the ownership reforms of native enterprises promoted the development of Chinas automotive industry in recent years, but no studyExpand
Has the Chinese economy passed the Lewis turning point?
There are a number of studies related to whether China's economy has passed through the Lewis turning point or not. However, definitive conclusions have yet to be obtained. Some studies argue thatExpand
An International Comparison of the TFP Levels of Japanese, Korean and Chinese Listed Firms
The study group on the Creation of a Productivity Database on Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean Firms at the Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER), in conjunction with the Center for EconomicExpand
Determinants of the capital structure of Chinese non-listed enterprises: Is TFP efficient?
This paper investigates the relationship between TFP (Total Factor Productivity) and leverage measures (total, short-term and long-term leverage) of Chinese non-listed firms during the periodExpand
Technical and Allocative Efficiency among Socialist Enterprises: The Case of the Garment Industry in China
Using survey data, this paper compares technical and allocative efficiency among state, urban collective, township-village, and joint venture enterprises in the garment industry in China.Expand
Are Japanese Firms Failing to Catch up in Localization? An Empirical Analysis Based on Affiliate-level Data of Japanese Firms and a Case Study of the Automobile Industry in China
This paper analyzes the degree and the current status of localization of Japanese affiliates in China. For this purpose, we (1) compare the localization (measured in terms of the number ofExpand
A measurement model for real estate bubble size based on the panel data analysis: An empirical case study
Employing the fundamental value of real estate determined by the economic fundamentals, a measurement model for real estate bubble size is established based on the panel data analysis. Using thisExpand
Market Reform, Division of Labor, and Increasing Advantage of Small-Scale Enterprises: The Case of the Machine Tool Industry in China
Abstract Using survey data of machine tool manufacturing enterprises in China, this paper explores the effect of market reform on production efficiency by estimating a production function thatExpand