Deok-Jin Lee

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This letter represents a new unscented information filtering algorithm for nonlinear estimation and multiple sensor information fusion. The proposed information fusion algorithm is derived by embedding the unscented transformation method used in the sigma point filter into the extended information filtering architecture. The new information filter achieves(More)
This paper presents a cooperative control strategy for a team of aerial robotic vehicles to establish wireless airborne communication networks between distributed heterogeneous vehicles. Each aerial robot serves as a flying mobile sensor performing a reconfigurable communication relay node which enabls communication networks with static or slow-moving nodes(More)
The Global Positioning System has been widely used for autonomous navigation applications in dynamic environments. Recently, an interacting multiple model estimator was tried to adapt for the improvement of the GPS positioning performance in various uncertain dynamic conditions. The estimation performance of an interacting multiple model estimator, however,(More)
This paper provides efficient filtering algorithms for nonlinear estimation. Adaptive nonlinear filtering for recursive estimation of the states and parameters with unknown noise statistics and a novel method called the sigma particle filter for nonlinear/non-Gaussian estimation are illustrated. The adaptive nonlinear filters combine adaptive estimation(More)
In this paper, we propose the estimation method for the parameter of dynamic system using Dual Extended Kalman filter. When state is unavailable, the dual extended kalman filter is available. And it is widely used in simultaneously estimating the state and parameter of dynamic systems. The dynamic system in this paper is Coupled Tank. And then the(More)
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