Deok-Gyu Lee

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We have been proposed CC-RBAC model considering temporal context and spatial context of components of ubiquitous intelligent environment in [12, 13]. In this paper, we propose a secure and intelligent patient information service (PIS) based on CC RBAC in the next generation hospital considering ubiquitous intelligent environment. CC-RBAC is extended RBAC to(More)
Environment of the Next-Generation is organized by various sensors and devices. wireless body area network (WBAN) is the core technology connecting Next-Generation's compositional elements around the human to one network. Recently while many researches including healthcare services and wearable PC are actively in progress, technologies of WBAN gradually are(More)
This paper presents a compact and unified hardware architecture implementing SHA-1 and SHA-256 algorithms that is suitable for the mobile trusted module (MTM), which should satisfy small area and low-power condition. The built-in hardware hash engine in a MTM is one of the most important circuit blocks and dominates the performance of the whole platform(More)
As the internet has been widely spread, it becomes big issues that an excessive demand of unnecessary private information at web servers and invasion of privacy. Anonymous authentication technology is a solution of this problem. It can protect the personal information and guarantees the convenience which an internet gives in our life. Anonymous(More)
As home devices have various functions and have improved computing power and networking ability, home device authentication has become increasingly important for improving the security of home network users. Moreover, device authentication supplies user convenience for the home network service user because it can replace the user authentication required for(More)