Deo Prakash Tiwari

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Decolourisation of waste water has now become a major problem for the treatment plants in various industries. Many industries use synthetic dyes to colour their products such as textiles, rubber, paper, plastics, leather, cosmetic, food etc. Nearly 10-15% of synthetic textile dyes, used yearly are lost to waste streams and about 20% of these losses enter(More)
An efficient and practical strategy for the synthesis of highly functionalized racemic and non-racemic 4,5-dihydropyrroles via domino ring-opening cyclization (DROC) of activated aziridines with malononitrile in excellent yield and stereoselectivity is described. The reaction serves as a tool for the synthesis of a large variety of substituted(More)
Experiments have been performed to control foot rot of Piper betle by organic amendments and antagonists in soil. Soil amended with corn straw gave best control. Corn straw supplemented with nitrogen (NH4NO3) gave still better control. The effect of different antagonists growing on corn-straw and til (Sesamum indicum) oil cake amendments showed that(More)
A highly regioselective Lewis acid-mediated S(N)2-type ring-opening of N-sulfonylaziridines and azetidines with tetraalkylammonium halides in CH(2)Cl(2) solution to afford 1,2- and 1,3-haloamines in excellent yields is described. An easy diastereoselective route toward substituted chiral N-tosylaziridines has been developed. The mechanism of ring-opening(More)
An unprecedented and domino synthetic strategy for the synthesis of highly functionalized carbocyclic β-enaminoesters bearing an all-carbon quaternary center via Yb(OTf)3-catalyzed ring-opening cyclization/decarboxylative tautomerization of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes with 2-alkyl malononitriles in excellent yields is described. The products are obtained(More)
A new domino synthetic approach for the synthesis of highly functionalized tetrahydrocarbazoles via DROC of various functionalized DA-cyclopropanes with 2-indolylnitroethylene and indole-substituted alkylidene malonate is described. The tetrahydrocarbazoles were obtained with excellent diastereoselectivity having cis alignment of the 1,4-appendages across(More)
A highly enantio- and diastereoselective Lewis acid catalyzed S(N)2-type ring opening followed by cyclization of aziridines with active methylene carbon nucleophiles to functionalized chiral γ-lactams in a domino fashion has been developed. γ-Lactams have been desulfonated and decarboxylated, providing pyrrolidone-3-carboxylate and N-tosylpyrrolidinone(More)
4-Unsubstituted 1,2-benzothiazines are prepared from sulfoximines and allyl methyl carbonate by Rh(III)-catalyzed domino allylation/oxidative cyclization. A wide range of functional groups on the sulfoximine are tolerated. A plausible mechanism is proposed, and chemical modifications of the products have been explored.
An atom transfer radical addition elimination (ATRE) reaction of terminal alkenes with perfluoroalkyl halides under visible light is described. The photoredox catalysis with Eosin Y provides perfluoroalkenes in good yields. The reaction has been utilized for the late stage perfluoroalkenylation of an estrone-derived alkene.