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The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul
Drawing on his own research along with others' work in neuroscience as well as some provocative new research in NDE (near-death experiences), Beauregard proves that genuine spiritual experiences canExpand
The Spiritual Brain
The popular worldview held in neuroscience, or the study of the brain, is materialism. Materialism says that humans are only physical beings, which means there is no possibility of an immaterial mindExpand
The war on intellectual freedom
One of two things will happen if universities continue to make themselves enemies of intellectual freedom and free speech. Either our intellectual life will rot or it will find a home other than theExpand
The war on freedom is rotting our intellectual life
Is dementia a fate worse than death
Dementia victims, certain to be targets, can be got to "consent" without any fixed or firm idea what they are doing. Expand
The real online danger for kids turns out to be wasting time
Video games are not taking over your kid's brain. What's happening is more conventional: He is daydreaming instead of learning.
Why the mainstream media was doomed to call the US election wrong
The traditional gatekeeper are rapidly losing viewers, advertisers, and staff and fading into irrelevance
Believing can make it so: the neuroscience of the placebo effect.
Don't expect a quick end to the war on free speech