Denyse J. Snelder

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The world production of tropical fruit was estimated at about 65 Mt in 2002, of which developing countries accounted for 98%. Although most commercial fruit tree crops are cultivated by large-scale commercial enterprises, smallholder fruit-tree cultivation receives much attention in projects aimed at rural development, conservation farming and agroforestry(More)
Over the past ten years, the amount and number of different types of pesticides have increased significantly, which led to a growing concern about the possible adverse effects on human health and the environment. This is particularly true for countries where regulations are not strictly implemented and farmers' knowledge of safe handling is often(More)
Ambiguity in the potential of soils under Imperata cylindrica grass contributes to the slow pace of grassland development in Northeast Luzon. The aim of this study is to investigate the soil properties of Imperata grassland and the prospects for tree-based farming systems in northeastern Luzon. Soils are developed over Miocene-Pliocene sedimentary rock and(More)
In the Padma floodplain of Bangladesh, the traditional system of agriculture has become unsustainable due to high population growth. Mango-based agroforestry which has been practiced by the farmers since the 1990s, is a promising alternative and is considered as one of the few options to lift farmers out of poverty and improve livelihood security. This(More)
In recent decades, the Philippines have put much effort into designing strategies for motivating upland communities to plant trees. The accomplishments of these programs have been variable, however, and need further investigation. Focusing on five villages located in the uplands in north-east Luzon, this paper assesses the response to a government program(More)
Frequent burning and grazing and cultivation of cash crops increasingly threaten forest patches in hilly grassland in Northeast Luzon, yet their importance as a resource with multiple environmental functions and forest products persists. The aim of this study is to identify different types of forest patches, and their condition under present land-use(More)
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