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The net energy cost of running per unit of body mass and distance (Cr, ml O2.kg-1.km-1) was determined on ten amateur runners before and immediately after running 15, 32 or 42 km on an indoor track at a constant speed. The Cr was determined on a treadmill at the same speed and each run was performed twice. The average value of Cr, as determined before the(More)
Although high-level sports develop specific physiological and sensorimotor abilities involved in balance control, they also increase the risk of injuries. The influence on postural control of lower limb trauma induced by judo practice was examined in healthy and previously injured judoists (PIJ). During static and dynamic tests, performed with or without(More)
PURPOSE The recreational and competitive practice of acrobatic sports, that is, trampoline, tumbling and acrobatic gymnastics (ACRO), is growing rapidly around the world. Many studies described the injuries affecting young artistic gymnasts, but only few concerned acrobatic sports. METHODS During a 5-year period, 357 traumatic events were collected in(More)
Over one hundred judokas, a large training tatami, the ground of shower rooms were examined by various methods. Cultures showed that Trichophyton rubrum, though being as frequent as Trichophyton interdigitale on the feet of sportsmen is much less frequent on the training tatami and was never isolated in great quantity from the shower rooms. The problem of(More)
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