Denny L. Cottle

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Although the sebaceous gland (SG) plays an important role in skin function, the mechanisms regulating SG differentiation and carcinoma formation are poorly understood. We previously reported that c-MYC overexpression stimulates SG differentiation. We now demonstrate roles for the androgen receptor (AR) and p53. MYC-induced SG differentiation was reduced in(More)
B-lymphocyte-induced nuclear maturation protein 1 (BLIMP1) was previously reported to define a sebaceous gland (SG) progenitor population in the epidermis. However, the recent identification of multiple stem cell populations in the hair follicle junctional zone has led us to re-evaluate its function. We show, in agreement with previous studies, that BLIMP1(More)
We have examined phosphatidylcholine transfer activity in lung-soluble fractions from six vertebrate species. There is a significant correlation between the amount of phosphatidylcholine transfer activity and both the alveolar surface area and surface active material. This suggested that phosphatidylcholine exchange proteins have a role in the lung(More)
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