Denny Joseph

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Basal ganglia (BG) constitute a network of seven deep brain nuclei involved in a variety of crucial brain functions including: action selection, action gating, reward based learning, motor preparation, timing, etc. In spite of the immense amount of data available today, researchers continue to wonder how a single deep brain circuit performs such a(More)
A neuromotor model of handwritten stroke generation, in which stroke velocities are expressed as a Fourier-style decomposition of oscillatory neural activities, is presented. The neural network architecture consists of an input or stroke-selection layer, an oscillatory layer, and the output layer where stroke velocities are estimated. A separate timing(More)
Handwriting in Parkinson's disease (PD) is typically characterized by micrographia, jagged line contour, and unusual fluctuations in pen tip velocity. Although PD handwriting features have been used for diagnostics, they are not based on a signaling model of basal ganglia (BG). In this letter, we present a computational model of handwriting generation that(More)
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