Dennis Y. W. Liu

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A signer in a Nominative Signature (NS) scheme can arbitrarily choose a nominee, then jointly generate a signature in such a way that the signature can only be verified with the nominee's consent. NS is particularly useful in user certification systems. Currently, the only secure NS scheme available requires multi-round communications between the nominator(More)
Since the introduction of nominative signature in 1996, there have been only a few schemes proposed and all of them have already been found flawed. In addition, there is no formal security model defined. Even more problematic, there is no convincing application proposed. Due to these problems, the research of nominative signature has almost stalled and it(More)
The present study demonstrates that horse and marmoset monkey sperm can bind to the human zona of salt-stored oocytes that failed to fertilize in vitro. Marmoset monkey sperm are also able to penetrate the salt-stored human zona. In contrast, human sperm do not bind to the zona of either horse or marmoset monkey oocytes. These results suggest that human(More)
Nominative Signature is a useful tool in situations where a signature has to be created jointly by two parties, a nominator (signer) and a nominee (user), while only the user can verify and prove to a third party about the validity of the signature. In this paper, we study the existing security models of nominative signature and show that though the(More)