Dennis Wellnitz

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The goal of the work described in this paper is to design and build a scalable infrastructure for executing grid applications on a widely distributed set of resources. Such grid infrastructure must be decentralized, robust, highly available, and scalable, while efficiently mapping application instances to available resources in the system. However , current(More)
  • Peter C Thomas, J Veverka, Michael J S Belton, Alan Hidy, Michael F A 'hearn, T L Farnham +9 others
  • 2007
Deep Impact images of the nucleus of Comet Tempel 1 reveal pervasive layering, possible impact craters, flows with smooth upper surfaces, and erosional stripping of material. There are at least 3 layers 50–200 m thick that appear to extend deep into the nucleus, and several layers 1–20 m thick that parallel the surface and are being eroded laterally.(More)
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