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Concerns over the effects of globalisation and liberalisation have intensified the debates over the trajectories and underlying sources of regional inequality. This paper attempts to link macro studies of regional inequality to micro studies of local development and to expand the research on intraprovincial inequality in China to Guangdong Province. First,(More)
—In designing discrete-time filters, the length of the impulse response is often used as an indication of computational cost. In systems where the complexity is dominated by arithmetic operations, the number of nonzero coefficients in the impulse response may be a more appropriate metric to consider instead, and computational savings are realized by(More)
This research examines government policies and urban transformation in China through a study of Hangzhou City, which is undergoing dramatic growth and restructuring. As the southern center of the Yangtze River Delta, an emerging global city region of China, Hangzhou has been restlessly searching for strategies to promote economic growth and survive the(More)
—This paper considers three problems in sparse filter design, the first involving a weighted least-squares constraint on the frequency response, the second a constraint on mean squared error in estimation, and the third a constraint on signal-to-noise ratio in detection. The three problems are unified under a single framework based on sparsity maximization(More)
—This paper presents an exact algorithm for sparse filter design under a quadratic constraint on filter performance. The algorithm is based on branch-and-bound, a combinatorial optimization procedure that can either guarantee an optimal solution or produce a sparse solution with a bound on its deviation from optimality. To reduce the complexity of(More)
This paper considers two problems in sparse ¿lter design, the ¿rst involving a least-squares constraint on the frequency response, and the second a constraint on signal-to-noise ratio relevant to signal detection. It is shown that both problems can be recast as the minimization of the number of non-zero elements in a vector subject to a quadratic(More)
Partial least squares (PLS) regression combines dimensionality reduction and prediction using a latent variable model. It provides better predictive ability than principle component analysis by taking into account both the independent and response variables in the dimension reduction procedure. However, PLS suffers from over-fitting problems for few samples(More)
The sampling of continuous-time signals based on local bandwidth is considered in this thesis. In an intuitive sense, local bandwidth refers to the rate at which a signal varies locally. One would expect that signals should be sampled at a higher rate in regions of higher local bandwidth, and at a lower rate in regions of lower local bandwidth. In many(More)
Urban land expansion in China has attracted considerable scholarly attention. However, more work is needed to apply spatial modeling to understanding the mechanisms of urban growth from both institutional and physical perspectives. This paper analyzes urban expansion in Shanghai and its development zones (DZs). We find that, as nodes of global-local(More)