Dennis W Kelly

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To study the impact of residual pyrethroid insecticide on the abundance and distribution of peridomestic Lutzomyia longipalpis, the sandfly vector of visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil, lambda-cyhalothrin was applied at 20 mg a.i.m-2 in the following interventions: (i) spraying of all animal pens in a village (blanket coverage); (ii) treatment of a subset of(More)
One class of manipulative techniques commonly used during assessment and treatment of spinal disorders involves the patient lying face down while the therapist slowly applies a posteroanterior force to a selected vertebra. The aim of this investigation was to develop a model which was capable of predicting the vertebral displacements resulting from such a(More)
This clinical report describes a unique impression technique devised for fabrication of a full-body cast of conjoined twins. The authors describe how the cast was used by the medical team to plan the surgical flap design for effective abdominal wall closure during the 27-hour operation sequence that resulted in the twins' separation. The cast, in turn,(More)
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