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Mobile devices, like cell phones or smart phones, can nowadays be used to monitor and control remote devices like technical systems. While monitoring systems do not have high requirements on the transmission time of the displayed data, navigating a mobile robot from remote requires more real time data transfers. Therefore not only the possibilities of using(More)
This paper presents the first demonstration of a " zero-undercut " precision formation of ultrafine-line copper conductor patterns for redistribution layers (RDL) and thin film RF passives. This is accomplished by using a highly-anisotropic and uniform copper plasma-etching process to remove the seed layer with no lateral etching of the copper patterns,(More)
This communication presents a novel label-free biosensing method to monitor DNA hybridization via infrared attenuated total reflection (IR-ATR) spectroscopy using surface-modified ZnSe waveguides. Well-defined carboxyl-terminated monolayers were formed at H-terminated ZnSe by direct photochemical activation. Chemical activation of the acidic function was(More)
Plasma-assisted oxidation, anodization, and nitridation of silicon have been performed in microwave, rf, and dc plasmas with a variety of reactor configurations and a range of plasma densities. Compared to thermal processes at equivalent substrate temperatures, film growth rates are accelerated by the plasma-enhanced generation of reactive chemical species(More)
Amphiphobic wood has successfully been fabricated using a combination of O2 plasma surface activation and coating of pre-hydrolyzed methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS). The effect of O2 plasma activation on surface chemistry and surface roughness was investigated using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and laser scanning confocal microscope profilometry,(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to make special thanks to my advisor Elsa Reichmanis who gave me remarkable opportunities by allowing research in the group. I will remember her as a person with deep patience and understanding. Her optimism and support were great cheers to me. Also I share thanks to my committee, Prof. and Yulin Deng, whom I am very proud(More)