Dennis V. Lindley

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You are responsible for all the material in the assigned chapters. I will also distribute additional required reading (Handouts 1–10) in class. EXAMS: The course grade is determined on the basis of two Midterms and a Final Exam. This course will examine how economic agents make decisions under conditions of uncertainty. It will examine the various ways in(More)
  • J M Bernardo, M H Degroot, D V Lindley, A F M Smith, Eds, E T Jaynes
  • 1985
SUMMARY After discussing the role of prior information in statistical inference, historically and in current problems, we analyze the problem of seasonal adjustment i n economics. Litterman 1980 has shown how informative priors for autoregressive coeecients can improve economic forecasts. We nd that in seasonal adjustment informative priors can have a m uch(More)
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