Dennis Tolley

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OBJECTIVES The European Society of Urological Technology (ESUT) conducted a survey in order to assess and record the current trends between urologists with regard to the application of endourological stone management to identify trends and differences in treatment strategies among urologists. METHODS A total of 695 certified urologists and urological(More)
Grade of membership (GoM) analysis was introduced in 1974 [7] as a means of analyzing multivariate categorical data. Since then, it has been successfully applied to many problems. The primary goal of GoM analysis is to derive properties of individuals based on results of multivariate measurements; such properties are given in the form of the expectations of(More)
Articles you may be interested in Recording of neutron and acoustic emissions from palladium target in a low background underground experiment AIP Conf. Observation of nuclear particles and their correlation with acoustic and electromagnetic emission from palladium targets loaded by deuterium AIP Conf. INTRODUCTION Our search for cold nuclear fusion in(More)
In order to make decisions regarding when to harvest cultured shrimp, short-term forecasts of future growth must be compared with expected future costs and changes in the value of the shrimp harvested. As with most agricultural products, researchers and business professionals collect and maintain data on the various factors that influence growth. Though(More)
This paper presents a matrix formulation for log-linear model analysis of contingency tables. Both weighted least squares estimators and maximum likelihood estimators are considered in this fr~ework with results being given for their corresponding covariance matrix atructures. Moreover, a general analytical strategy is presented for the simultaneous use of(More)
A method in the current literature used to estimate the density of bacteria in a sample solution is the most probable number (MPN) procedure. This paper considers the change in density of bacteria in the sample through time. The MPN with its variance for a fixed time point is just one module of the experiment and is treated as a generalization of the(More)
BACKGROUND Echocardiography has been proposed as a method to screen children for rheumatic heart disease. The World Heart Federation has established guidelines for echocardiographic screening. In this study, we describe a rapid echocardiogram screening protocol according to the World Heart Federation guidelines in Samoa, endemic for rheumatic heart disease.(More)