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Articles you may be interested in Recording of neutron and acoustic emissions from palladium target in a low background underground experiment AIP Conf. Observation of nuclear particles and their correlation with acoustic and electromagnetic emission from palladium targets loaded by deuterium AIP Conf. INTRODUCTION Our search for cold nuclear fusion in(More)
Using the cyclic DTPA derivatisation procedure developed by Hnatowich, conditions have been optimised for labelling three tumour-associated monoclonal antibodies with 90Y. High labelling efficiencies (greater than 95%) at modest specific activities (1 mCi/mg) could be routinely obtained. Radiochemical stability of the radiolabelled preparations in vitro was(More)
A method in the current literature used to estimate the density of bacteria in a sample solution is the most probable number (MPN) procedure. This paper considers the change in density of bacteria in the sample through time. The MPN with its variance for a fixed time point is just one module of the experiment and is treated as a generalization of the(More)
Using the Kalbfleisch-Prentice marginal likelihood based on Cox's regression and life model, a computationally simple method is presented for testing general linear hypotheses of the form H o : ~ §= Q. The method, which does not require estimating §, is based on partitioning the asymptotic global chi-square statistic of Cox to produce the appropriate test(More)
chemistry, each lent their expertise to the chip's research and development and are listed as co-authors on the paper. The chip provides an inexpensive means for physicians and lab technicians to test their pa-tients' samples for various proteins or viruses. Current testing techniques are fairly inaccurate unless a large concentration of a virus is present.(More)
Grade of membership (GoM) analysis was introduced in 1974 [7] as a means of analyzing multivariate categorical data. Since then, it has been successfully applied to many problems. The primary goal of GoM analysis is to derive properties of individuals based on results of multivariate measurements; such properties are given in the form of the expectations of(More)
This thesis has been read by each member of the following graduate committee and by majority vote has been found to be satisfactory. As chair of the candidate's graduate committee, I have read the thesis of Paul C. Cannon in its final form and have found that (1) its format, citations, and bibliographical style are consistent and acceptable and fulfill(More)
of the Department of Statistics were participants on the KBYU program " Thinking Aloud " which aired on 26 October, 2006. The program focused on the growing use of data in everyday life. One concerned voiced by the radio host was whether or not individuals could be biased or unfairly influenced by unscrupulous use of data. Both Drs. Reese and Tolley brought(More)
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