Dennis Snow

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1. Both women who were in treatment for relapse to and in sustained recovery from drugs and alcohol had multiple co-occurring addictions such as relationship, spending, food, and shopping that complicated the recovery process. 2. Depression is a major trigger for relapse in women with alcohol and drug problems. Recognition and treatment of depression is(More)
This study compared depressive and anxious symptoms in chronic medically ill individuals and depressed psychiatric inpatients using conceptually based standardized measures of cognitions and symptoms. Seventy-five hospitalized medical patients, 52 depressed psychiatric inpatients, and 25 normal controls were assessed with the Structured Clinical Interview(More)
The following bounds for the anticanonical bundle K * X = det T X of a complex homogeneous projective rational manifold X of dimension n are established: 3 n ≤ dim H 0 (X, K * X) ≤ 2n + 1 n and 2 n n! ≤ deg K * X ≤ (n + 1) n with equality in the lower bounds if and only if X is a flag manifold and equality in the upper bounds if and only if X is complex(More)
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