Dennis Silva

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A derangement of a graph G = (V , E) is an injective function f : V → V such that for all v ∈ V , f (v) ≠ v and (v, f (v)) ∈ E. Not all graphs admit a derangement and previous results have characterized graphs with derangements using neighborhood conditions for subsets of V . We establish an alternative criterion for the existence of derangements on a(More)
This paper presents a methodology for risk analysis of LNG carriers operations aiming at defining the most critical pieces of equipments as for avoiding LNG leakage during loading and unloading operations. The pieces of equipment considered critical for loading and unloading operations are identified and the Cause-Consequence diagram is built. The(More)
Many organisms maintain collective territories and compete on behalf of the fitness of the overall group. Inspired by this concept, the territorial raider model is a graph-based resource competition in which populations have fixed home locations and a limited range of sites accessible for raiding. In our present extension of the model, groups control(More)
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