Dennis Sessanna

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The Temporal Bone Dissection Simulator is an ongoing research project for the construction of a synthetic environment suitable for virtual dissection of human temporal bone and related anatomy. Funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), the primary goal of this project is to provide a safe, robust, and(More)
Advanced display technologies have made the virtual exploration of relatively complex models feasible in many applications. Unfortunately, only a few human interfaces allow natural interaction with the environment. Moreover, in surgical applications, such realistic interaction requires real-time rendering of volumetric data-placing an overwhelming(More)
This paper describes an interdisciplinary effort to simulate and visualize the mechanisms involved in compression neuropathies, specifically tissue deformation occurring during vaginal delivery. These neuropathies often evolve into chronic pelvic pain. We present our methodologies of using high resolution magnetic resonance acquisitions from submillimeter(More)
Simulated environments are increasingly being used to evaluate human behavior in a wide variety of situations. These virtual environments are particularly useful in the study of behavior involving dangerous conditions. Quantifying the impact of these environments on the subject is essential to validate the efficacy of the simulation as a virtualization of(More)
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