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Eye tracking is starting to be used for evaluation and interaction in virtual environments. Especially digital games can benefit from an integrated approach, using eye tracking technology for analysis and interaction. One benefit is faster development of gaze interaction games, which can be automatically evaluated in iterative development cycles. For this(More)
Assessing gameplay experience for gaze interaction games is a challenging task. For this study, a gaze interaction Half-Life 2 game modification was created that allowed eye tracking control. The mod was deployed during an experiment at Dreamhack 2007, where participants had to play with gaze navigation and afterwards rate their gameplay experience. The(More)
Conducting psychophysiological experiments that measure how players experience digital games not only allows investigating the effects digital games have on players, it also gives game developers a tool to validate game design. In order to develop digital games rapidly that can be used as stimuli in psychophysiological experiments, a coherent and flexible(More)
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