Dennis Rosen

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Specific binding (conjugation) of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) to target cells (TC) is the first step in a multistage process ultimately resulting in dissolution of the TC and recycling of the CTL. We examined the position of the microtubule organizing center (MTOC) of immune CTL bound to specific TC. Immunofluorescence labeling of freshly prepared CTL-TC(More)
Transverse sections of rat tibial nerve were scanned with an automated flying-spot microscope and the pictures examined in a one bit (black-and-white) form. Computer programs have been developed, and are described briefly, to isolate individual nerve fibres in the field of view, and to measure axon area and myelin area, from which it is trivial to calculate(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the present study is to examine the craniofacial development of patients with Down syndrome (DS) and compare them with a neurotypical population. METHODS This study is a cross-sectional analysis of lateral cephalometric radiographs of participants with DS. The study population consisted of children and young adults with DS aged(More)
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