Dennis Rockwell

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While TCP is capable of adapting its data rate to almost anyc apacity,i th as long been known that TCP takes a long time to achieve full data rates on paths with high capacity (especially links with long delays, e.g. satellite links). In this paper we present a new wayfor TCP to estimate available network capacity and swiftly scale its transmission rate at(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to assess the usefulness of the dual-echo gradient- and spin-echo (GRASE) technique in revealing acute hemorrhagic brain lesions and compare GRASE and fast spin-echo techniques for revealing acute hemorrhagic lesions and image artifacts. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two consecutive patients with acute intracranial hemorrhage(More)
PURPOSE To assess the clinical utility of GRASE (gradient- and spin-echo) MR imaging of the brain by comparing it with the T2-weighted turbo spin-echo technique. METHODS Fifty-three consecutive patients referred for MR imaging of the brain were studied with T2-weighted turbo spin-echo and GRASE techniques, matched for effective echo time (110(More)
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