Dennis Reeves

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OBJECTIVE To investigate practical and methodological problems in assessing the quality of care of multiple conditions in general practice. SETTING Sixteen general practices from two socioeconomically diverse regions in the UK. METHOD Quality of care was assessed in 100 randomly selected patient records in each practice using an established set of(More)
The current report summarizes a case study from an Office of Naval Research (ONR) funded project to compare the effects of virtual reality graded exposure therapy (VRGET) with cognitive behavioral group therapy in active-duty corpsmen. Details of the collaborative program between the Virtual Reality Medical Center (VRMC) and Naval Medical Center San Diego(More)
Auditory integration training and a control treatment were provided for 16 children with autism in a crossover experimental design. Measures, blind to treatment order, included parent and teacher ratings of behavior, direct observational recordings, IQ, language, and social/adaptive tests. Significant differences tended to show that the control condition(More)
Time-based lag sequential analyses were conducted on 23 topographies of challenging behavior shown by five young people with severe mental retardation across two settings. Potential behavioural functions were identified for 21 of the 23 behaviors. Responses classes, including two or more distinct behaviors, were identified for four of the five participants.(More)
Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging tool to help treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Previously published studies have shown that VR graded exposure therapy (VR-GET) treatment can result in improvements in PTSD symptoms. Less is known about the impact on depression, general anxiety, and neuropsychological functioning in patients with PTSD. This(More)
Twenty-four service providers rated 12 video samples of four service users with whom they were familiar for affective behaviour (i.e. 'like'/'dislike') and confidence (i.e. 'certain'/'uncertain') in their judgement. Each video sample had been recorded as part of a stimulus preference assessment during which a wide range of specific stimuli were presented to(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether, in the short and medium term, additional support by (a) a physiotherapy assistant improved physical function in young children with spastic cerebral palsy and (b) a family support worker improved family functioning. DESIGN This was a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (RCT) with blinded assessments and a(More)
One hundred and five mothers of British children aged 1-5 years completed the EASI-1 Temperament Survey and the age appropriate version of the Carey questionnaire (Toddler Temperament Scale or Behavioural Style Questionnaire). Detailed statistical analyses revealed psychometric weakness in all three instruments, most notably in the Carey questionnaires.(More)
In this cross-sectional study, some characteristics of the maternal language of a large group of hearing-impaired children are described (n = 74). The children had mean bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss of 25-123 dB HL in the better ear; they were monolingual, suffered no additional handicaps, and at the time of the study were aged 3-7 years old. The(More)
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