Dennis Pong

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— This paper proposes an admission control algorithm that enables the upcoming IEEE 802.11e contention based Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) to provide quantitative bandwidth guarantees for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), rather than a relative prioritized service. The algorithm estimates the throughput that flows would achieve if a new(More)
In this paper we report the impact of the Random Way-point model on infrastructure wireless networks that utilise multi-rate scheme. The Waypoint model causes a higher concentration of nodes near the centre of the mobility area. As a consequence of this, we show that a wireless network could appear to achieve higher capacity, and that base stations near the(More)
This study proposes an Optimality-theoretic model through which the various grammar components—semantics, syntax, the lexicon, morphology , and prosody—jointly determine the placement of clitics with a phrasal positioning domain, which is either a nominal expression or a clause. In order to render scope, such clitics must be phrase-initial. However, the(More)
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