Dennis P. Hanlon

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Fourteen untrained females (age 19 +/- 1, range 18-21) were studied to examine the heart rate-VO2 relationship during a single aerobic dance training session. These findings were used to help explain the changes in VO2max resulting from an aerobic dance training program. VO2max and body composition were determined before and after an 8 wk training period.(More)
Intersection syndrome is a condition that should be differentiated from DeQuervain's stenosing tenosynovitis, as there are many subtle differences in treatment and prognosis. We present a case of intersection syndrome, describing its characteristic clinical and anatomic features, and highlighting differences in the areas of diagnosis and treatment relative(More)
OBJECTIVE The audiological examination of this patient was to determine the degree and type of hearing loss that was incurred from apparent dimethylmercury poisoning. DESIGN This was a single subject case study design. Audiologic tests were selected to help determine sensory from neural and/or central auditory system dysfunction. RESULTS This patient(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to study the incidence patterns of cervical vertebral injuries in the elderly (ages 65 years and over) and to identify differences in these incidences when compared with a younger patient population (ages 15–64 years). A retrospective review of all elderly patients identified as sustaining cervical injuries at a level I(More)
Elderly individuals not only live longer but are also more active than in the past. Accompanying this increase in activity is the number of older trauma victims. The effect of aging on response to injury is reviewed, and the initial evaluation and treatment of geriatric trauma are delineated in this article. Specific injuries of note include head and chest(More)
Bilateral Achilles tendon rupture is an unusual injury. This rare entity usually occurs in patients on chronic steroid therapy or with underlying disease. Bilateral Achilles tendon rupture is extremely rare in a previously healthy individual. A case involving traumatic Achilles tendon rupture as a result of a sky diving accident is reported. Evaluation of(More)
You start another busy shift with a double row of charts waiting to be seen. Your first patient is an elderly man who fell 1 hour prior to presentation. He did not lose consciousness, but he was dazed for a few minutes. He complains of a mild headache but denies any neck pain. He takes warfarin for valvular heart disease. He looks good and has no focal(More)