Dennis Nutter

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OBJECTIVE To examine psychiatric morbidity and functional impairment of adolescents with and without poor reading skills during mid- to late adolescence. METHOD The sample consisted of 188 adolescents, 94 with poor reading skills and 94 with typical reading skills, screened from a larger sample in the public schools at age 15. To assess psychiatric(More)
We evaluated the ability of ST-segment analysis during submaximal exercise tolerance testing (85% predicted age-adjusted heart rate) to diagnose the presence of significant coronary artery stenosis (2 75% cross sectional area narrowing) in a group of 85 men and 92 women with chest pain syndromes and no previously documented myocardial infarctions. Disease(More)
Studies were performed in anesthetized dogs to evaluate the cardiac and systemic effects of intravenously administered dobutamine and to determine its direct effects on the renal and femoral vascular beds. The results demonstrated that dobutamine possessed an inotropic efficacy similar to that of isoproterenol and norepinephrine; its chronotropic effect was(More)
FISHER, MICHAEL L., AND DONALD 0. NUTTER. Cardiovascular reJlex adjustments to static muscular contractions in the canine hindlimb. Am. J. Physiol. 226(3) : 648-655. 1974.-The cardiovascular response to 30-s tetanic muscular contractions was studied in the anesthetized dog. A significant systemic pressor reflex occurred during handlimb contractions evoked(More)
To characterize an unusual, sex-linked recessive neuromuscular disease, we studied two families with 37 males who had involvement of distal leg and proximal arm muscle groups. Electromyography and muscle biopsy in five subjects showed features of both neuropathy and myopathy. Bradycardia and syncope in 15 involved subjects were associated with early death(More)
The effect of chronic protein-calorie undernutrition (PCU) on cardiac structure, biochemistry, myocardial function, and left ventricular dynamics was studied in young, male, Long-Evans rats. Chronic PCU produced marked cachexia of the marasmic type (body weight decreased to 48% of normally nourished control rats) and cardiac atrophy (heart weight at 57% of(More)
To determine whether hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is associated with a human leukocyte antigen (HLA) phenotype, we tissue-typed 70 unrelated afflicted patients and 86 of their asymptomatic family members (from nine separate kindreds). Forty-five per cent of the white patients had B-12 antigen as compared to 23 per cent in matched control subjects; 69 per(More)