Dennis Nutter

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BACKGROUND Subjects with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) frequently report symptoms of subnormal body temperature and low-grade fever. We conducted a study to determine whether CFS subjects manifest any abnormality of core body temperature (CBT) that might help explain their fatigue. METHODS Continuous 24-hour recordings of CBT measured every 5 min were(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine psychiatric morbidity and functional impairment of adolescents with and without poor reading skills during mid- to late adolescence. METHOD The sample consisted of 188 adolescents, 94 with poor reading skills and 94 with typical reading skills, screened from a larger sample in the public schools at age 15. To assess psychiatric(More)
The pathophysiological basis for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) remains poorly understood. Certain symptoms of CFS, namely fatigue, neurocognitive symptoms and sleep disturbance, are similar to those of acute jet lag and shift work syndromes thus raising the possibility that CFS might be a condition associated with disturbances in endogenous circadian(More)
The Meese Commission Report claimed exposure to sexually explicit material leads to sex offenses and recommended examining developmental patterns and pornography experiences of offenders. This second phase of our study examines developmental patterns and sexually explicit material experiences of sex offenders, a subgroup of child molesters, and controls.(More)
The Meese Commission Report claims exposure to pornography leads to sex offenses and states it is important to examine the developmental patterns of offenders, in particular age of first masturbatory experience, role of pornography in that experience, age of first exposure to pornography, age of commission of the deviant behavior, and long-term use of(More)
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